A simple platform to
test iOS enterprise apps

TestMDM is a platform which mimics an MDM, allowing you to test all the enterprise features of your app that can't be tested without one.

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Why do I need an MDM?

iOS brings enterprise to the fore. Bring your app to the enterprise.

Apple introduced lots of new features into iOS 7 and iOS 8 making it a first class business device.

Manage Open-In

Control how an app shares with other apps

Single Sign-On

User's credentials are managed by the OS, providing greater security.

Managed Configuration

Your application's configuration is managed remotely.

Per App VPN

Control how particular apps interact with your VPN.

Managed Distribution

Distribute apps automatically from your own Store or the App Store.
Requires MDM Requires MDM Requires MDM Requires MDM

Why should I use TestMDM?

Traditional MDM platforms are focused on managing devices.

They can be expensive and hard to get access to as a developer.

TestMDM is different. It was created with developers in mind.

By focusing on testing first, TestMDM can help ensure your app is ready for the enterprise


All communication between TestMDM and your device is protected by SSL. When your done testing, you can purge all your data in a single click.


TestMDM will allow you to perform all the MDM functions you need to fully test your enterprise app.

Cost Effective

Access to TestMDM is measured by time and not a recurring monthly fee. If you only need a few hours, you only pay for a few hours.

How does TestMDM work?

Register your devices

Enrolling your devices in TestMDM is simple.

Just visit the registration page and install the special profile. This profile contains all the information necessary to allow your device to enroll and to ensure secure communication between the device and our servers.

When you're done, you can remove this profile with ease.

 Install your IPA

Use XCode to create a manifest.

Upload your IPA and manitfest to TestMDM and the app will be pushed to your registered devices. By installing your app this way, you will have access to lots of new iOS 7 enterprise features such as per-app VPN and app configuration.

What can I do with TestMDM?

 Configure Apps

Once apps have been installed using TestMDM, you can control their configuration, allowing it to be accessed using NSUserDefaults and the com.apple.configuration.managed key

 Remove Apps

Removing apps from the device is simple. You just need the BundleId of any app that was installed using TestMDM. You can also opt to have apps removed automatically when the TestMDM profile is removed.

 Any MDM Command

If there is a particular command that TestMDM doesn't fully support, you can send the raw MDM command to your device. We're working hard to expand our command support.

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